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In Memoriam: RMS Titanic

Original Artwork by Nicholas Disabato


The Titanic Historical Society was, for many years, the only organization devoted to preserving the memory of the Great Ships. They have now been joined by many other organizations around the world with the same mission. Most publish regular correspondence containing a wealth of information not available elsewhere. Support their ongoing work with your membership and see what is being done to preserve the memory of the Titanic and other great ships!

The graphic on this page was designed by my son, Nicholas, for the BBS I was running. The White Star Line BBS was in operation for just over three years. I shut it down after I realized it would be far easier to reach more people on the World Wide Web.

Titanic Historical Society Logo

Titanic Historical Society

The Titanic Historical Society (THS) is over 30 years old and boasts over 5,000 members worldwide. It is a non-profit, volunteer supported agency. THS does not solicit or accept government grants or funds.

THS publishes The Commutator, as a quarterly journal. It is an excellent Journal and a good source document for a lot of research. Coverage includes other ships of that era, as well as the Titanic and her sister ships.

The Titanic Historical Society's Headquarters are located in Indian Orchard, MA. The Society's museum is Located behind Henry's Jewlery Store on 208 Main Street, and has an excellent collection of memorabilia. The rest of the Society's Collection is housed at the Marine Museum at Fall River, MA (free admission for members)

The Titanic Historical Society operates a store at the Museum in Indian Orchard, were it sells the merchadise listed in the Commutator, as well as 7 C's Merchandise.

The Address for the Titanic Historical Society is:

Titanic Historical Society
P.O. Box 51053 (208 Main Street)
Indian Orchard, MA 01151-0053
(413)543-4770 Mon - Sat 10 - 4

Annual Dues to the Society are $40.00 a year. There is a specail rate of $25.00 for Students and Senior Citizens). Membership runs from April 15, though April 14.

This information is accurate as of 09/15/95

Titanic International Logo

Titanic International, Inc.

Titanic International is located in the United States and publishes a quarterly publication called Voyage. They are currently active in research and exploration of the RMS Titanic.

The address for Titanic International is:

Titanic International, Inc.
Post Office Box 7007
Freehold, NJ 07728-7007

Annual membership dues are $25.00 a year. Titanic International generally holds one or two connventions a year. Titanic International was founded in 1990 and currently has over 500 members. Membership runs from September 1 - August 31.

Titanic International also sells Titanic related merchidise, through its organization call the "SHIP SHOP" (Generally has many articles and periodically not available though other sources)

This information is accurate as of 09/15/95

British Titanic Society

The address for British Titanic Society is:

P.O. Box 401
Hope Carr Way

Membership cost is 7 UK Pounds (or sterling equivalent) per year.

This information is accurate as of 04/06/96

Titanic Society of Ireland

The address for Titanic Society of Ireland is:

The Anchorage
Coast Road
Co Dublin

This information is accurate as of 04/06/96

The Shannon Ulster Titanic Society

The Shannon Ulster Titanic Society was the first Titanic society in Northern Ireland and is based in Bangor, Co. Down, N. Ireland. Their mailing address is:
Patrick J. Toms
Shannon Ulster Titanic Society
2b Beverly Hills,
Bangor, County Down
Northern Ireland

Ulster Titanic Society Logo

Ulster Titanic Society

For members outside the United Kingdom, the annual membership fee in the Ulster Titanic Society is £15 sterling (or US $25). For this you will receive a UTS badge (see image at left), two editions of the journal C.Q.D. Titanic, and an annual newsletter of what goes on at their meetings. If you are on e-mail, you can e-mail their Internet Secretary at with your home address. An application form will be sent to you which you can return with the required subscription fee. Alternatively, you can contact them directly at:
The Ulster Titanic Society,
32 Heatherstone Road
Bangor, Co. Down.
Northern Ireland,
BT19 6AE.

Steamship Historical Society of America Logo

Steamship Historical Society of America

The Steamship Historical Society of America was founded in 1935 to bring together amateur and professional historians interested in the history of steam navigation. Membership is growing steadily and encompasses all interests in steam and other power driven vessels.

The Society publishes Steamboat Bill on a quarterly basis. to promote the activities of marine historians in the field of self propelld vessels.

Membership in the Society is by calendar year. A new member receives all issues for Steamboat Bill for the year in which you join.

The address is:
Steamship Historical Society of America, Inc.
300 Ray Drive
Suite #4
Providence, RI 02906

Annual membership rates are:
Annual $25.00
Contributing $40.00
Sustaining $60.00
Student $15.00
Life $500
Benefactor $1,000

Titanic Society of South Africa Logo

Titanic Society of South Africa

The Titanic Society of South Africa publishes a newsletter called The Titanic Chronicler.

Logo for the Titanic Chronicler

The address for Titanic Society of South Africa is:

Post Office Box 1880
Rottenville, 2130
South Africa

This information is accurate as of 04/06/96

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