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In Memoriam: RMS Titanic

Facts and Myths about Titanic

Many significant historical events are surrounded by their own myths and legends. The sinking of the Titanic is no different. Hopefully this section will help in clarifying these revisions to history.

Fiction Fact
Titanic was cursed by the presence of an Egyptian mummy on board as cargo. There is no record of a mummy ever being shipped on Titanic.
One of the dogs on board towed a lifeboat to the Carpathia, announcing their arrival with his barking The water was 28 Degrees Fahernheit. This is far too cold for any mammal to survive in for any length of time. Most of the people in the water froze to death in a matter of 10-15 minutes.
Titanic's registration number, when held up to a mirror, spelled "NO POPE". Titanic's hull number was 401. Her Board of Trade registration number was 131,428. I have yet to find a combination that spells "NO POPE" in a mirror.
There was a "mystery ship" between the Titanic and the Californian. The Samson was reputed to be this "mystery ship", according to a deathbed statement by her master. However, according to her logs, she would have had to used warp drive to travel the distance required.
Captain Smith place a baby in a lifeboat and then swam away to his fate. When last seen, Captain Smith was headed for the bridge. While his whereabouts after that are unknown, it is highly unlikely he did what was reported.
Survivors of the disaster have recently been found alive on an iceberg. Icebergs drift South on the Labrador Current and melt. Estimates have The Iceberg as melting in 3-5 days after the collision. It is doubtful that an iceberg floating in 1912 is still around.
Opening the watertight doors would have allowed the ship to sink on an even keel and remain afloat longer. Give this one 50%. While Titanic would have indeed stayed mostly level, test have shown she would have developed a list and capsized 25-35 minutes sooner than she actually sank. After asssuming the list, the lifeboats on the high side of the ship would have been unlaunchable, resulting in more deaths.

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