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I never thought there would be much reaction, when I initially launched this site. However, over the time it's been up, I have received much recognition for my work. My thanks to all of those who have stopped by and shared their comments with me.

On February 16, 1996, this site was selected as a Dynamite Site of the Nite.

On June 19, 1996, The Discovery Channel show #1203 of CyberLife featured digital representations of the Titanic, including the Cyberflix CD and a number of web sites.

New York Times "CyberTimes" banner
On June 23, 1997, The New York Times on the Web recognized this site as a contributor to the Titanic's Web presence.

History Channel RecommendationI was honored when I received notification from the History Channel that In Memoriam was selected as one of their recommended sites. Visit them at

I've been in touch with members of the crew working on James Cameron's Titanic. Most notably, I have assisted the hair stylist for the film in researching hairstyles of the early 20th century.

And finally, there are over a hundred e-mails from people around the world. They have covered every topic conceivable, from questions about the ship itself, to requests to assist in finding information about relatives that were on the ship. In its own way, this site has served its original purpose: to insure the memory of Titanic does not fade from view.

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