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Discussion Lists
There are two discussion lists about the Titanic. Both have a wealth of information. Join one or both!

To join the list run by Jeff Newman and Rob Ottmers, send mail to . Put subscribe titanic in the message body, with nothing in the subject line.

To join Mark Taylor's list, go to the Silverquick site and Join the Titanic Discussion list

Titanic Bibliographies
Titanic: an Annotated Bibliography by Judy Lichtman
Titanic Bibliography by Jerry Revis
Titanic: Select Bibliography from the The Maritime History Virtual Archives

The First Titanic Web Page
Titanic and the Mystery Ship by Dave Billnitzer
Jason's Titanic Page .
Mediadome Titanic Site
Titanic Tidbits by George Behe
The Unsinkable Titanic by Linda Greaves
Titanic: Her Brief Life and Eternal legacy by Eric Seright Payne
Dave's Titanic Page
The Titanic Resource by Gary Arnold
Ravensworld Titanic Page
Macedon Titanic Page
The Titanic: Traffic Accident at Sea or Grand Romantic Tragedy? by Linda Furlet
RMS Titanic: 85th Anniversary Web Page by Susan L. Romanyuk includes Roy Mengot's Wreck Site Model!
Olympic, Titanic & HMHS Britannic
The Titanic in Cyberspace

Technical Detail
Harland & Wolff Technical Services

Newspaper Accounts
R.M.S. Titanic - 83 Years later

Passengers and Crew
Encyclopedia Titanica This is a "must see" site for information on passengers and crew.
The Titanic's Engineers by Dr Denis Griffiths
Titanic's Radio operators

Student Sites
Titanic in the Classroom from the Department for Education and Children's Services, South Australia

Dave Clark's 3D Titanic
The Sinking of the RMS Titanic CGI art by Will Mobberley
Titanic: Destination ...Cyberspace CGI art by Paul Quinn
The Titanic in Dream and Legend by Peter Selgin

Rob's Multimedia Lab

Titanic Exhibitions
The Titanic Exhibit from the Marine Museum at Fall River

United States Coast Guard International Ice Patrol
The Jason Project

Music and Dance
"And the Band Played On": Hypotheses Concerning What Music Was Performed Near the Climax of the Titanic Disaster, 15 April, 1912" by J. Marshall Bevil

Lifeboat by James W. Herndon

CD Rom Entertainment
Titanic: A Voyage of Discovery
A Night to Remember (1958) full movie plus commentary

Other Links
The Titanic PageThis contains many other Titanic related links.

Other White Star Line Ships
Nova: Titanic's Lost Sister: Britannic

Other Famous Ships
Andrea Doria
Cunard Line
The wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald
Cunard Line Archives at the University of Liverpool
Mark Rosenstein's Sailing Page

Other Museums and Projects
Ocean Planet: How Deep Can They Go?
The Maritime History Virtual Archives

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