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In Memoriam: RMS Titanic


To my wife of over 25 years, who continues to support me with her love and understanding.

To my daughter, who helped me rediscover my artistic side.

To my son, for helping me with the design, creating the artwork, and critiquing the result.

To those men and women who built the Titanic, those who sailed on her, and those who died when she sank.

To Walter Lord, who introduced me to the Titanic through his book.

To Dr. Robert Ballard, who found her and brought her back into the public eye.

To the members of the Titanic Historical Society for their unswerving dedication "that the memory of and history of RMS Titanic be preserved for future generations".

To Courtney and Lucia, who helped me with their friendship, guidance, and understanding.

Finally, this work is dedicated to the sea, which has called to me for as long as I can remember.

Copyright ©1995-1998 Michael Disabato.