Quicksand in Books

If you know of a real quicksand/mud scene that isn't on the list, please submit it!

The Bog--Michael Talbot

Moonbog--Rick Hautala

The Quagmire--James Kisner

Bard II--Keith Taylor Page 245. Quicksand trap makes brief appearance,but heroes avoid it.

Bio of A Space Tyrant: Mercenary--Piers Anthony Pages 63-65 Female and male avoid quicksand in military training.

Blazing Saddles--Tad Richards. Has the scene from the movie in novel form.

Captives of the Savage Empire--Jean Lorrah Quicksand used as a weapon in a major battle among telepaths at end of book.

Dance of the Dead (A Ravenloff book)--Christie Golden. Page 248-249. Woman falls into quicksand in the swamp due to mystical forces. Pulls herself out.

The Dead Zone--Stephen King. Page 181 of the paperback. Has a rather intense description of a hunter dying in quicksand

Dream Park--Larry Niven and Steven Barnes Page 175. Role player gets caught in quicksand

The Golden Barbarian - Iris Johannsen. The story opens with the young heroine trapped in quicksand. A very nicely written scene.

The Nightmares on Elm Street--Joseph Locke. Page 51-52. Novelization of quicksand scene from movie 4.

The Quicksand Book--Tomie De Paola. This is an oddity. A children's book where a jungle girl is caught in quicksand while a jungle boy explains how quicksand works in children's terms.

Red Sonja #1: The Ring of Ikribu--David C. Smith and Richard L. Tierney. Page 174 of the paperback. Warrior drowns in quicksand. Missed opportunity for Sonja herself to land in some.

Savages--Shirley Conran. Pages 137-139. Wonderful quicksand scene involving a young lady.

Splinter of the Mind's Eye--Alan Dean Foster Pages 19-21. Princess Leia stumbles into quickclay.

Swamp Thing--David Houston and Len Wein. Page 107-108. Heroine stumbles into quicksand, gets herself out. A scene that was sadly not in the film.

Tarnsman of Gor--John Norman Page 95 of the paperback has a woman sinking into quicksand, saved by the hero.

Tarzan and the Tower of Diamonds---Richard Reinsmith. This is one of those books where you make decisions and jump from page to page. Has a scenario where a girl is caught in quicksand, with an illustration as well.

The Shivering Sands by Victoria Holt - Near the end is an example of unreal quicksand!

The Waiting Sands by Susan Howatch - another example of unreal quicksand!

The Worst Day of My Life -- (choose your own adventure....with drawing of a guy sunk}

House on Black Bayou -- Author's last name beginning with "S"